About Carter & Carter

At Carter & Carter, our team of investment managers have over 20 years of experience in the UK & International property market. We have established our business model based on hard work, extensive local and International knowledge, trust and excellent customer service. We believe in our clients and they believe in us.

We are a modern property service centre that caters to all types of International property related transactions whether you are a first time buyer or an experienced property investor looking to buy a property, our commitment is to deliver levels of customer care above and beyond the general industry standards. We deal with our client's demands with exceptional honesty coincided with a stringent code of business conduct and total transparency.

Carter & Carter

Why use Carter & Carter?


Our extensive experience in the International property market means we can deal with every aspect of your property needs.

Customer care

We strive to exceed our client’s requirements and we constantly aim to go the extra mile to deliver results.

Total transparency

We believe exceptional honesty is key to delivering a good service and building a relationship of trust with our clients.

Competitive fees

We understand our client's expectations and we deliver successful results, our fees are fair and reflect the current modern property market.

Strict codes of practice

The key objective at Carter & Carter is to be an all-embracing property service centre that caters to all types of international property related transactions, Consequently the staff we employ are expected to follow a business methodology, which demands exceptional honesty, a stringent code of business conduct and total transparency to our clients.

Carter & Carter